Patric Simmerud (°1963), a composer and sound artist based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Antwerp, Belgium. Classically trained and with wide influences, my work as a composer range from contemporary art music - including electroacoustic and radiophonic pieces, chamber music and music for full orchestra - to soundscapes and music for film.

As a sound artist, I have explored various artistic disciplines such as installation, performance, videoart. My work has been internationally performed and included in various art exhibitions. In addition, I lead the music and score engraving company MakeMyDayMusic.

Studies in classical composition at the Royal Academy of Music, Sweden, and at Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris, France. I have also taken courses in film music held by Ennio Morricone in Sienna, Italy.

Since 1993, I have taken part in contemporary music festivals in Europe as well as in the USA and Japan, and my works have been performed in concert halls all over the world.

Notable compositions, which include solo works, orchestral pieces and electroacoustic works, are "Il dolce far niente" for solo piano (1993); "AN" for wind orchestra (1994); "Frameworks" for sinfonietta (1997); "Fluctuations" for orchestra (1998); "Roma" for vibraphone, marimba and tape (1998); "Villes englouties" for baritone and orchestra, with texts by Shakespeare (2000); "De-housing" for saxophone quartet (2001); "Soon - Kilroy, go home" for percussion trio (2005) and "De ljudlösa" for 6-part female choir a cappella (2005).

My most noteworthy sound project is "Tiden går inte längre" (Time no longer passes) that led to a solo exhibition 2015 at Fylkingen, Stockholm, and the experimental gps-based city soundscape project "Symphonic Cities: Grindsgatan, Stockholm" 2015 as well as my collaboration for the motion picture "Bussresan" (The Bus Trip) 2016.